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Welcome to my website! It’s really nice to see you here! If you just signed up, you don’t need to do anything else – thank you! If you didn’t mean to sign up, or if you’ve changed your mind, you … Read More

Cartoon squirrel drawing on a brain
How Drawing Has Changed My Perspective

Hahahaha – see what I did with that title? No? Rats… Sketchy art humor aside (hahahaha – I did it again!), drawing helps me look at the world more closely and in a different way. And please notice that I … Read More

Couple on beach at sunset
The Joy of Traveling Slowly

There is a joy in deciding that time is your friend, in choosing deliberate stillness. Realizing you will never be able to see everything you want to see is actually liberating. When anyone, young or old, begins traveling, the instinctive … Read More

Flush of the Gods

Because this is a sophisticated, intellectual site, today’s topic is British toilets. To start with, the variety of flushing mechanisms is astonishing. There are buttons on adjacent walls that require the finger strength of King Kong to adequately push. There … Read More

New day, new blog…aka I Got Hacked

Welcome to the new blog! A couple of years ago, having left my website fairly unattended, I was surprised and horrified to get a note from my host provider saying it looked like my blog had been hacked. This was … Read More


About Ederial Art I sign and publish my digital art on Instagram under the name Ederial Art. At first, I didn’t use my real name because I was a complete beginner and didn’t want any pressure. As Ederial Art, I … Read More

Death Rides Again

Jocelyn Shore rides again! Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore was enjoying Thanksgiving at her Uncle Kel’s ranch until she discovers Uncle Kel threatening his son-in-law Eddy with a shotgun. Thanks to Jocelyn’s quick thinking, disaster is averted, but within … Read More

Death Makes the Cut

Jocelyn Shore is back! When a friend is found dead of an apparent heart attack on the first day of school, Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore must put aside her own grief to assist his students, even if it … Read More

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