About Ederial Art

I sign and publish my digital art on Instagram under the name Ederial Art. At first, I didn’t use my real name because I was a complete beginner and didn’t want any pressure. As Ederial Art, I was completely anonymous and free to experiment and learn. I could draw a picture (either original or from a tutorial), post it, get some nice comments from a really kind community, and go about my day.

Over time, I started branching out a bit beyond tutorials, and started feeling pretty good about the progress I’d made. I also got a lot of pleasure from seeing all those posts I’d made in one place. Getting some likes and nice comments made me feel good, too, and I could share my page with my daughters and a few friends. And I was still anonymous. Instagram has a reputation for being a cold, hard place, and I didn’t feel like taking any risks.

When I started revamping this website, though, I realized that I’m proud of being Ederial Art, and I like my drawings and I want to share them and maybe use them to illustrate some posts. So here I am, outing myself, but also feeling pretty safe in the knowledge that no one is going to see this.

So who is Ederial?

I’m a dungeon master (more about that later), and in one of my homebrew campaigns, an NPC named Ed the Squirrel eventually was revealed to be Ederial Sanzal, the powerful Witch of Werebyth, under a curse for committing an act of terrible vengeance. Was Ederial an artist? Was Ed? Who knows? But that’s the origin story of the name.