The Pleasure of Serial Reading

I recently discovered Dracula Daily, a newsletter which sends you individual chapters from Dracula by Bram Stoker in “real time.” As you might remember, Dracula is written as a series of letters, journal entries, newspaper articles and so on, each … Read More

Drawing from Life

In my last post, I mentioned that drawing makes me makes me much more observant. This charming pink house is on a narrow side street in Belem, Portugal, and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to draw it. … Read More

The Joy of Traveling Slowly

There is a joy in deciding that time is your friend, in choosing deliberate stillness. Realizing you will never be able to see everything you want to see is actually liberating. When anyone, young or old, begins traveling, the instinctive … Read More

Flush of the Gods

Because this is a sophisticated, intellectual site, today’s topic is British toilets. To start with, the variety of flushing mechanisms is astonishing. There are buttons on adjacent walls that require the finger strength of King Kong to adequately push. There … Read More

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