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Jocelyn Shore is back!

When a friend is found dead of an apparent heart attack on the first day of school, Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore must put aside her own grief to assist his students, even if it means agreeing to fill in as tennis coach. With luck, a replacement will soon be found, and she’ll have time to sort out her fragile long-distance relationship with Alan Stratton. But Coach Fred’s death was no heart attack, and when the police find planted evidence of drugs in his desk, Jocelyn must act quickly to clear Fred’s good name.

Asking questions at Bonham High isn’t as simple as it seems, however, especially when Jocelyn’s new duties as tennis coach put her at odds with both teachers and parents. To complicate matters, her cousin Kyla has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a movie crew is filming on campus, and the all too interesting Detective Gallagher keeps turning up at inopportune times with questions of his own. A chance encounter, a word from a friend, and a sealed letter from a dead man combine to throw Jocelyn directly into the path of a ruthless killer.

Praise for Death Makes the Cut

“Comical (you’ll laugh out loud) and clever (you’ll be misdirected by Hamrick), “Death Makes the Cut” fulfills the promise of its predecessor and embellishes the author’s reputation as a fine practitioner of the genre.” Richmond-Times Dispatch

“The cast of characters provides both pleasant entertainment and enough suspects to yield a challenging mystery.” Kirkus Reviews

“Credible characters and a realistic look at school politics bolster the fast-moving humorous plot.” Publishers Weekly

…Death Makes the Cut takes the series up a notch.”