Jocelyn Shore rides again!

Texas high school teacher Jocelyn Shore was enjoying Thanksgiving at her Uncle Kel’s ranch until she discovers Uncle Kel threatening his son-in-law Eddy with a shotgun. Thanks to Jocelyn’s quick thinking, disaster is averted, but within hours Kel’s daughter Ruby June goes missing and the family pins the disappearance on Eddy.

Still, it isn’t until Jocelyn and her sometime-boyfriend Austin Homicide Detective Colin Gallagher find Eddy’s body that the police really take notice. Unfortunately, all eyes—including Colin’s—are on Kel as the most likely suspect. While Colin assists the local police, Jocelyn and her cousin Kyla decide to investigate on their own. Their hunt turns up a shady ranch manager, a mysterious racehorse owner, and an overly persistent goat, but no sign of Ruby June… or a killer who is poised to strike again.

With a family reunion that is getting smaller by the minute and more romance and humor than can be fenced in on any ranch Janice Hamrick’s Death Rides Again is another outstanding addition to her award-winning mystery series.

Praise for Death Rides Again

“Hamrick, who deftly mixes homicide with humor and passion with prevarication, again offers her readers characters with personas as big as Texas and a plot with as many twists as back roads in the Hill Country.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Jocelyn’s third adventure is a charming combination of humor and romance with a nice little mystery.” —Kirkus Reviews

“With its entertaining blend of realistically quirky characters, tartly humorous writing, and generous dash of romance, Hamrick’s mysteries are tailor-made for readers of other cozy comic crime series such as Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow mysteries or Sharyn McCrumb’s Elizabeth MacPherson books.”—Booklist

“Cozy fans will enjoy Jocelyn’s quirky family and the wide array of criminal activities.”—Publishers Weekly