A small slice

A slice, in the parlance of British restaurants and grocery stores, is a miniature lozenge-shaped pie made of flaky pastry wrapped around a savory creamy filling. They are delightful parcels of hot, filling goodness, convenient, cheap, and satisfying. Think chicken … Read More

My philosophy

This website is full of topics I find interesting or amusing or both. I hope you do, too.


Welcome to the world of Jocelyn Shore, Texas high school teacher and unwilling solver of mysteries. On vacation, at home, or even at the family ranch for the holidays, Jocelyn turns her resourceful intellect and biting wit to taking care … Read More


Welcome to a small slice of the world of Janice Hamrick, where adventure, mystery, and humor lurk in the shadows. Oh, and art of dubious quality. Award Winning Novels The Jocelyn Shore Mysteries Welcome to the world of Jocelyn Shore, … Read More


I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life. To that end, I got a degree in English and was then shocked to find employers were not beating a path to my door. However, I eventually managed to obtain semi-respectable … Read More

Death on Tour

Winner of the Mystery Writers of America/ Minotaur BooksFirst Crime Novel Award! When the most obnoxious member of her Egyptian tour group is found dead at the base of a pyramid, Texas high school history teacher Jocelyn Shore mostly hopes her … Read More

Death on Tour

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Becca Smith

Vestibulum lacinia ante lacus, in malesuada arcu bibendum quis. Phasellus in metus est. Proin aliquet est quis mauris eleifend vestibulum. Nam vulputate dolor a mi ornare laoreet vitae eu nisl. Praesent auctor felis magna, quis bibendum augue consequat ac. Integer … Read More

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