As I’m sure thousands have noticed, I haven’t been exactly active on my website recently. So imagine my horror when I got a note from my host provider saying it looked like my blog had been hacked. This was puzzling – what did she mean it “looked like” I got hacked? Was there some doubt? Had a tasteless infomercial been subtly slipped in amongst my insightful and witty posts?

So I checked, and yes it DID appear as though I’d been hacked – every single word I’d written had been replaced with Chinese characters. Now, I’m not sure what the point  of an attack like that is since I sincerely doubt anyone who reads my blog is fluent in Chinese. Also, if the hackers want to sell the usual kind of items one gets spam about (let’s not go there), I don’t think my readers are the right audience. I mean, I try to “assume good intent”, but in this case I think the perpetrators are just little a-holes who deserve a long and lingering bout of explosive diarrhea.

In any event, I took down the blog, and while I was at it, I decided to revamp the entire site. So, to all of you who are not low-down hacking vermin, welcome!

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